Saint Luke hospice center serves terminal patients, the ones facing death, who would be leaving their family in love of Christ. Jesus said that there is no eternal death to the one in Christ. Family as well as the patient together feels the pain toward death. We serve them that they might prepare for their death in comfort.

Our goal is not to prolong or reduce one’s life but for the life to become full of happiness and abundant grace in Christ. Sustaining the quality of the remaining life of a patient facing death is to sustain the thankful heart for his life and reflecting upon it.

For this we will support the patient and his/her family with all the resources for their physical, social, psychological, and spiritual comfort.

The main purpose of a hospice center is on holistic healing. Not only prolonging the length of life but also decreasing of the pain in patients lives are our focus. Therefore, a multi-disciplinary team from many areas are to be provided for the holistic care of the patients. Doctors, nurses, physical therapists, nutritionists, pharmacists, diverse voluntary workers with many counselors and ministers will be responsible for the treatment of the patients together with the family.

Those facing death have the right to know about the facts. They should not simply receive it negatively but accept it as a normal process and prepare for another life after death which is also important for their family, too. Ministers in a hospital should teach them the meaning of death in the gospel and help them confess their problems from life so that they may become ready for entering the kingdom of God. ?The Hospice Center, would like to lead people in death to Christ and hope that those in great physical pain lie in peace and comfort that comes from Christ.