As Saint Luke Society dreams the day when all the nations return to God. Our begging was like a small mustard seed, but the work of Saint Luke Society has been developing rapidly through the footsteps that preach the gospel boldly.

We need many supports for the work of Saint Luke Society can be expanded more greatly. The support will be a great strength and hope to the ministers who are in severe spiritual battle and ones who are not able to receive the medical treatment from the poverty. When the little kid gives out what he had, the miracle that could feed the 5 thousand people can happen. Just like this, through your small support, the history of great life will happen in every corner of World.

Your support will be used for various places like these. Missionary fund, SL Medical Center(SLMC) fund, Charity fund for the poor nations. SLS scholarships, to support medical service and devotion.

The mission is not only going out towards mission filed directly. But also praying and financial support for the missionaries can be the mission works and mission co-work.

God will remember the helping hands of the one who supports and surely fill them up and bless you overflowingly. Many are waiting for the hands of Love who serve the neighbor. Please attend this support together.

If you want to support financially, you may contact Headquarter. And if you want to help us with the prayer and human support, please contacts to SLS headquarter directly. You may write down your name, address, telephone number, contact number and the sort of support that you want to offer and send to one who takes charge of.

SL Medical Center(SLMC) fund

Saint Luke Society is establishing SLMC. The various major doctors from Western, Chinese medicine and dentistry gathered and is making the hospital that has the best treatment system. We wish to set up the hospital which many Christian medical workers are dreaming of and can fulfill the Kingdom of God.

SLMC needs a lot of financial support. The support of each one of you will gather and be used to set up the hospital of the Lord which will hear the suffering of this world. The name of ones who participate in SL Medical Center (SLMC) fund will be engraved in the monument of Hospital Establishment and remembered in the history. We will be waiting for many of you who can participate in establishing SLMC who heals the World.

Charity fund

Saint Luke Society supports the ones who do not have the medical fee and can??t receive the medical treatment. There are many people who are not able to receive the treatment in right time because of the medical fee in many countries and cities. Now is the time for us to send the hands of love to the ones whom can receive the new life from our small help. Your support will be used for the precious place where it will save the lives. Please show your small love. The support that you offer will be fully used for the poor’s medical fee.