SLMC will establish a distinguished system in terms of medical service. It is to form a medical care system to treat and administrate from basic family medical cases to the serious medical case making an efficient network connected from the primary hospital through to the tertiary hospital established by members of St. Luke. When our patient needs to be attended by other tertiary hospitals, we allow the other hospital to access the medical chart of the patient. In this way, patients don’t necessarily waste their time and money due to overlapping medical examinations. As they are done with the tertiary hospital they can be brought back to their doctor at the first degree hospital as they need. If a patient happened to be treated under the a tertiary hospital ahead of a primary hospital, his or her medical chart will be sent and administrated by the primary care hospital in his or her neighborhood so that he or she will have continuous medical care from there. Through this system a patient will get the best quality medical coverage at the lowest expenses.

Also, St. Luke Society will lead doctors to have active faith life, fellowship and voluntary activities. The members of St. Luke’s stay and work together and within them they make the most of the opportunity to serve God and people. The rich and varied bible study programs of St. Luke’s enable the members to stay inspired at work and we teach and train members through one on one shepherding system and powerful leadership training so that they can minister and counsel their own sheep accordingly. Besides, St. Luke Society paves the path of grace for many through morning prayer, daily QT, regular meeting, Friday prayer meeting, Praise & Worship, etc. As for medical profession, St. Luke’s will maintain a first class speciality through organizing various kinds of academic seminar including the topic like medical ethics which is becoming a common assignment for the Christians who have medical profession to take up trying to build up Christian viewpoints and values in the society and media.

Christians those who have medical profession should give faithful patient care at work, however they must be the light and salt of the world functioning as biblical ethical guide post to those who have lost the medical ethics and allow the suffering of sin without the right ethics in medical society. Not only this, St. Luke Society keeps up with regional, inbound & outbound and short & long term medical voluntary services for the areas with no medical coverage. As for Christian medical doctors, we believe 1st and 2nd degree hospitals are the place where they can have the strongest training, that’s why St. Luke’s would like to build up SLMC. At its first phase, SLMC will be founded with the best medical specialty, based on that we will establish a worldwide network building SLMC around the world connected intimately with each mission centers and supply human and material resources to participate in establishing the Kingdom of God on earth fulfilling our mission of being the light and salt all around the world.